Can You (hi) Hang?

Doesn't look like much is going on here, but Shane is in the complete prep position for the hi-hang snatch.  Shoulders should be just over or behind the bar with your torso straight up and down, thinking about only moving through your knees.  This is all you get in the way of flexion, so your forced to extend as explosively as you can and get under the bar with all the speed you have.  It's a very tough movement to "hang" with.

CF Ready and CF SC Central are teaming up again for a local throwdown, November 22nd, 1pm at Central.  There will be 5 teams from each gym, 2 Rx, 2 Open, 1 Masters (50+).  4 person teams (2 guys, 2 girls), $10 per person to participate (covers taco truck, BYOB).  The workouts will go until 3:30pm, at which time we'll start the party!  Taco truck is the plan.  We are forming teams on a first come first serve basis, so contact Gary if you'd like to participate.

The 2nd announcement I know you've all been waiting for, the annual Christmas party is going to take place Saturday December 20th at The Point Chophouse.  If you haven't been or if you're a yearly regular, come on by for what is said by most to be the community event of the year!


9 Rounds:
Hang Snatch (below the knee)
Hi-Hang Snatch
*Each round is every 90 seconds

Power clean (95/135lb)
Bar facing burpee