2014 World Championships

Lacy, Shane and Joe make their way through a challenging dumbbell workout.

The World Championships in weighlifting have been going on this past week in Almaty Kazakhstan.  Here is a video of the 69kg class.  There are two world record lifts by Liao Hui, one at the 11:11 mark, and the other (watch how easily he stands up the world record clean) at the 27:55 mark.  This is Dimitry Klokov's youtube page, he has other weight classes uploaded as well.  Enjoy!


3 x 5 Shoulder Press

5 Rounds:
2 minutes to row 250 meters
2 minutes to get dumbbell complex (Deadlift - Hang Power Clean - Front Squat - Push Press - Clean Thruster)
Rd 1: 5 X complex
Rd 2: 4 X complex
Rd 3: 3 X complex
Rd 4: 2 X complex
Rd 5: 1 X complex