Sunday Sunrise


A timer is set to beep every 20 seconds which signals an action. For time, with a partner, complete 60 front squats (65/95#) and 20 20-yard farmer carries (25/35), every 20 seconds the partner doing front squats does a thruster and the partner doing farmer carries does a hang clean thruster. They can switch positions at any point. Then, teams complete 100 Abmat sit ups, one partner at a time, the other partner doing a plank. Partners switch positions every 20 seconds. Next, teams row 1000 meters and complete 60 pull ups, switching positions every 20 seconds until all the reps are completed. After that the teams repeat the 100 sit ups/plank portion. Finally the teams complete 100 push ups, working at the same time and burpeeing up to a standing position every 20 seconds then immediately returning to work.