The Lion Killer

We were sad to have to cancel the Strength Specific Seminar this weekend, but lucky us there was another weightlifting seminar being held today at Crossfit 831 by Donny Shankle, aka The Lion Killer, aka I once ate ten 10oz steaks in a day, aka I take on ocean waves with my jerk stance.  It was a fun filled day of snatching, cleaning and jerking.  He is a true example of someone with a unified desire, and that is where you find genius and brilliance in any field.  It was to our great benefit to spend a day with him.  Here is a video of the man himself hitting a 186 kilo (409lb) clean and jerk.


50 minute time cap with a partner:
Row 10,000 meters as a team, one person on the rower at a time, switching whenever they want. While not on the rower, each person establishes a 3-rep max back squat, a 3-rep max shoulder press, and completes 3 max rep dip attempts. These attempts can occur at any time  during the 10k row. If the team finishes the 10k row before the 50 minute time cap they AMRAP weighted box step ups (20/30# DBs) for the remainder of the time. There are three scores: total weight used for 3 rep maxes of both partners, total number of dips, and total number of box step ups.