A few pictures from tonights action.

Ilya Ilyin is undefeated as a weightlifter.  As a 94kg lifer he has two Olympic gold medals and two world championships, and as an 85kg lifter one World Championship.  He moved up a weight class to 105kg for this years World Championships in his home country of Kazakhstan.  This years medals came down the very end where 4 world record attempts were lined up in the clean and jerk to see who would take the gold.  Ilya was first and missed the 239kg world record clean and jerk (525 pounds) to put him in second place.  Ruslan Nurudinov of Uzbekistan was next for the world record, and he smoked it, putting him in 1st for the total by 3 kilos ahead of Ilya!  Next was the Russian David Bedzhanyan,  who although was not in the running for the overall total gold, the world record that was just beat by the Ruslan, was his own!  After actually missing 236kg on his previous lift, the Russian wanted his record back and nailed it at 240kg! giving Ruslan about 45 seconds of world record glory.  And then there was Ilya, who in order to win had to up the clean and jerk to 242 kilos!  3 kilos more than the previous world record and 9 kilos more than his previous make, which is also a competition match PR!  The undefeated man would remain just that, unbeatable!  He went up to the bar with confidence beaming, 100 percent committed, like he's done a million times before, and handled it!!! 
The sport of weightlifting is incredible.  It may not be that popular amongst other sports in the U.S., but similar to surfing and Kelly Slater (if there were waves throughout the US Kelly Slater would be unarguably the best athlete of all time, way ahead of Michael Jordan), weightlifting may right now have one of not the best weightlifters ever, but maybe one of the best athletes of all time in Ilya Ilyin.
Below is the entire 105 competition and Ilya's historical 242kg clean and jerk in slow-mo by Hook Grip.


2 Bench Press EMOM for 9 minutes

3 Rounds:
2 minute AMRAP:
5 DB Hang Power Clean (35/50lb)
5 DB Push Press
5 Box Jump (24/30in)
1 minute rest
1 minute calorie row
2 minute rest