Little bit of programming in a nutshell here.  You have Leslie doing thrusters in the back which we like to think of as a squat and a bit of a push.  Then you have Rick performing a pull movement in the rope climb.  Lastly Leanna is doing some double unders.  In basic programming you can think of movements in categories.  Common groups would be push, pull, squat, jump.  We like to keep things mixed up, which is why this picture is here.  You have a nice combination of movements that compliment each other, instead of say a workout where you have pull ups, rope climbs, toe to bar and ring rows, kind of a lot of the same there.


Muscle up skill work for 15 minutes

6 minute AMRAP:
5 toe to bar
10 wall ball (20/14lb)
20 double under
Then - for time:
30 toe to bar
60 wall ball
120 double under