Josh shows us he not only has unique ways to program workouts, he also has unique ways of doing them. 


With a partner - time limit 40 Tabata Intervals ( 20 sec. of work/ 10 sec. of rest). Teammates start with a kettle bell (35/53), a slam ball (20/30), and a pair of dumbbells (25/40) for push press, all 40 feet away from a starting position.  Each work interval each partner can run to one piece equipment from the starting line. If they complete 10 reps before the Tabata interval finishes they move that equipment 4 feet closer to their starting line (10 increments total). Each movement has a corresponding movement for when the equipment reaches the starting line. Once the KBSs are complete either partner can do as many sit ups as possible during the work period, balls slams correspond with air squats, and push press with push ups. Their score is the total reps completed of sit ups, air squats, and push ups.