The Boys

Some of the boys watching Gunnar get his first muscle up!

CF Ready and CF SC Central are teaming up again for a local throwdown, November 22nd, 1pm at Central.  There will be 5 teams from each gym, 2 Rx, 2 Open, 1 Masters (50+).  4 person teams (2 guys, 2 girls), $10 per person to participate (covers taco truck, BYOB).  The workouts will go until 3:30pm, at which time we'll start the party!  Taco truck is the plan.  We are forming teams on a first come first serve basis, so contact Gary if you'd like to participate.

The 2nd announcement I know you've all been waiting for, the annual Christmas party is going to take place Saturday December 20th at The Point Chophouse.  If you haven't been or if you're a yearly regular, come on by for what is said by most to be the community event of the year!


3 x 6 Back Squat

15 minute running clock:
Minutes 0-3: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: Burpee
Minutes 3-6: 3rds: 3 burpee 9 sit up buy-in, AMRAP: shuttle run (20 meter turn around)
Minutes 6-9: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: sit ups
Minutes 9-12: 3rds buy-in: 3 burpee 9 sit up, AMRAP: shuttle run
Minutes 12-15: 200 meter run buy-in, AMRAP: burpee
*score total reps