Early Pull

Another big Birthday day.  This one goes out to a longtime member at Central, always there to lend a hand if you need it, a hard worker, and knows how to have a good time in the gym.  Happy Birthday David!
(click the photo)

To Beast, aka the Sunday chef, aka the double under king, and now apparently style master!  Happy Birthday Josh!

The single focus of the day was to take out any early pull, ie finish (position Sean is in below) with straight arms.  This is said with the caveat that there is an advanced technique of bending the arms early as to sweep the bar into the hips, which is entirely different then trying to pull the bar up early in the snatch or clean.  Sean was demonstrating that beautifully today.  Here is a cover photo of him keeping the arms nice and long through the middle and a video of the same lift. 


Skill work on hang snatch and hang power snatch

4 Rounds:
1 minute @ each movement:
Hang Power Snatch (83/115lb)
Wall Ball (20/14lb)
Row for calories
- 1 minute of rest - 
*score total reps