Let It Fly

We talked a bit today about letting some fluids fly during your workout.  If you've ever seen Dan Bailey exercise, that would be an example of what we're talking about.  Sometimes your sweat drips on your lips or even into your mouth, combining with some saliva, and in an intense exhale you may let some fluids fly.  Mike was hammering through this workout, letting it fly!  Notice those aren't rain drops.

Great group shot from this mornings 9am.


9 reps of hang power snatch (115/83lb)
21 reps of burpee 
12 reps of power snatch 
18 reps of burpee 
15 reps of hang clean thruster 
15 reps of burpee 
18 reps of thruster 
12 reps of burpee 
21 reps of power clean 
9 reps of burpee