Dumbbell front rack step up shoulder press?  Leanna was even rocking the front rack step up push press, see if you notice her use of the dip and drive when she steps up.  Original programming with creative movements.


Teams of three - Three rounds.  Each round consists of three sets - 4 minutes, 3 minutes, and 2 minutes back to back with a two minute rest between rounds. Teams complete a buy-in to start each set. For the buy-ins teams choose two out of three of the following options: 400 meter run, 400 meter row, or 100 double unders. Once the team finishes both options they AMRAP Ball Slams (30/40), weighted (20/30# DBs) box step up presses, and sumo deadlift high pulls (53/70 KBs).  Reps count for 1 point each during the 4 minute sets, 2 points each for each rep of the 3 minute sets, and 3 points each for each rep of the 2 minute sets.