Party People

The party doesn't make the people, the people make the party.  You guys rock!
Please pass any photos or videos along, thank you!  


For time, begin with a one mile run. Then repeat the following until 60 reps of thruster have been completed:
Complete an unbroken set of push ups, which sets the upper limit of the number of reps of thrusters (starting weight is 43/65) which can be attempted, unbroken. Ex. If the athlete finishes 20 push ups unbroken they can then attempt up to 20 thrusters. After the thrusters, athletes farmer carry dumbbells (35/45#) 80 meters. This cycle (push ups/thrusters/farmer carry) continues until 60 reps of thrusters have been completed.  The thruster weight also increases each cycle by 10 pounds. 25 minute cap.