Philosophical Lifter?

It was fun today watching some people experiment with using a belt, watching them get as far as they could without one then putting one on to see them lift the weight easier ten pounds heavier.  That seems to be a good way to use it, only when you really need to.  There is a point at which you can go "raw" (without any lifting accessory, belts, straps.  I don't think lifting shoes are in this category though.), and then there is a greater point you can take it with those accessories.  This doesn't mean the belt or straps are a "crutch," or your taking your body somewhere it shouldn't go.  You are simply lifting more weight than you would be able to without these basic accessories, so when you go back to lifting without them (or with them), you will be stronger.  I don't think I've heard exactly why a lot of Crossfit competitors wear their Nanos when weightlifting.  It's hard not to think if they wore some lifters, that that would increase their numbers and directly apply back to their nano lifts.  Interesting discussion that may be more philosophical than anything, in which case we all may be right, or wrong, depending on how you view your half full glass of milk.

Fun little race with P and Ramon here, video of Skip's 410 PR Back Squat!


1RM Back Squat

12 minute AMRAP:
15 Wall Ball (14/20lb) (10/11ft)
50 Double Under
*200 meter run at start of clock and minutes 3, 6 and 9.