The organized kind.


5 Rounds, 3 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest, with a partner of:
Partners each work on a different couplet, switching between the two couplets whenever they want, completing as many rounds as possible. One round of couplet 1 is 5 reps of shoulder to overhead (30/45# DBs) and 10 reps of weighted sit ups (15/25). Couplet 2 is 5 reps of heavy KBS (53/70) and 10 reps of med-ball cleans. Every time a round of either couplet is finished the team earns 5 seconds of rowing for calories.  One member of the team can start rowing their accrued time anytime they want during the round. Teams must stop working on the couplets after three minutes but their rows can continue into the 1 minute rest period.  At the end of each round unused row times are forfeit. Their score is their total calories rowed.