Does Rich Froning Snatch Incorrectly?

Wanted to share this video with folks.  If nothing else it is just incredible, impressive and beautiful to watch Rich Froning Snatch 225lbs 30 times in little over 6 minutes. 
Besides that though, interestingly, he has an early arm bend in his snatch.  This technique is not usually seen in the snatch.  It is a technique used by some mostly in the clean to move the bar closer to the hips at contact.  Don’t confuse it with an attempt to pull the bar up, it is used to get the bar to that sweet spot for contact.  The snatch though because your hands are wider the bar has no problem sweeping into that sweet spot, so there would seem to be no use for an early arm bend snatch, most would actually say it’s an ineffective way to snatch.  So then, is he snatching "incorrectly?"  Could he simply move his hands out to get the bar into his hips without having to perform an early arm bend, arguably saving energy by not using his arms and relying more on bigger muscle groups?  It has been taught that “when the arms bend the power ends.”  Or has he found a technique that is more effective for him?  With a narrower grip you are stronger pulling off the ground, and maybe that arm bend is driving the bar into his hips with a little more force, which when it hits the hips results in a more powerful collision, accelerating the bar with more force, Newton's third law?  
I am intrigued by this questions because this is not how the snatch is taught.  This arm movement in the pull is actually more along the lines of what NOT to do.   At the same time it would seem crazy to me to have him change his technique, especially after performing 30 reps at that weight in that time.
 I would be interested to hear from an experienced weightlifting coach what they thought about his approach. Would they try and work back to get that early arm bend out or would they go with it?  I am in no position to deem the lift either way, but it looks pretty damn good to me.


Push Press 10-8-6-4-2
Back Squat 10-8-6-4-2
Burpee Lateral Jump 10-8-6-4-2
Run 400-200-400-200-400
Rope Climb 1-2-1-2-1