Birthdays And Hang Snatches

Nothing like some solid overhead squats and a snatch complex for your birthday workout.  Happy Birthday Hailey!


Here's a video of the MuscleDriver USA olympic weightlifting team doing some hang snatches, similar to what we were working on today.  Notice any techniques they're using that we may have talked about or you may have tried?


EMOM For 10 Minutes:
1 Power Snatch
1 Hang Power Snatch ("mid-shin hover")
2 Overhead Squat

12 Minute Ladder:
Power Snatch (95/135#) 2-4-6...
Burpee 4-8-12...
*750 meter row at the 8th minute
*Ladder goes: 2 PS 4 Burpee 4 PS 8 Burpee 6 PS 12 Burpee and so on as high as you can get in 12 minutes