Big Day

Pretty big morning in the gym today with a good amount of PR's in the clean.  Skip started the morning with a 10lb PR to hit 270#, while Kim in the same class PR'd at 140#.  What's cool about these two is not how much weight they lifted, but how long they've been at it and even after all these years they are still hitting numbers they couldn't at a younger age.  So don't be discouraged with Father Time, it doesn't mean you can't progress.

Tony and Kelly hit PR's at 8am as well.  Tony "5lb-upped" Skip by getting 275# and Kelly made 145# (she has way more in her).
And then Marhsall came in, keeping with the trend, and cleans two hundred and five pounds!  A PR for him.
Everyone mentioned here has put a lot of time in the gym and it's nice to see them enjoy some of the fruits of their effort, nice job everyone!

There are two shots of Kseniya here in the clean.  One of the things we talked about in the clean today was to try and receive the bar high and then ride it down in one smooth motion (the first photo is of Kseniya meeting the bar high). That way you give your body space and time to absorb the bar into your squat, as opposed to receiving it in the very bottom where all that weight would hit you at the most mechanically disadvantageous point of the squat.  Also notice how upright Kseniya can get in the bottom of the front squat (photo #2), that's what we are all working towards!


12 minutes to get a 1RM Clean

Then, at 85%, 2 Cleans EMOM for 5 minutes

1 minute AMRAP: Burpee Box Jump (20/24in)
1 minute AMRAP: Row for calories
1 minute rest
1.5 minute AMRAP: Burpee Box Jump (20/24in)
1.5 minute AMRAP: Row for calories
minute rest
2 minute AMRAP: Burpee Box Jump (20/24in)
2 minute AMRAP: Row for calories