Get Uncomfortable

One of the most important "movements" we teach in the on-ramp and emphasize for all our barbell pull movements off the ground is setting your back.  The basics of this are shown from the first photo to the next (click the photo).  In the first photo, Greg is relaxed and even flexed through his back, little to no tension (can think of tension as force created by muscle contractio) in his body  The next photo shows Greg with a nicely set back.  His spine is neutral and ready to lift.  But even more than just neutralizing your spine, what Greg was doing beautifully, which can be a difficult technique for some to wrap the mind around, was "connecting" himself to the bar, i.e creating a system of tension between the bar and his body.  A common cue for this technique is "squeeze the bar" or "take the slack out."  Another way to make sure you have this system of tension before you lift is to check-in and see if you are comfortable or not.  If you're comfortable you're not ready to lift (thanks to the Strength Specific Seminar boys for that one).  That squeeze of setting your back that creates all of that tension between you and the bar should not feel comfortable, so once you're in a good position and uncomfortable, you're ready to lift!  Have you experienced this uncomfortable feeling before?  If so, great, if not, we will be working on this exact thing tomorrow morning.


3 Rounds:
2 rds: 5 Muscle Up 5 Push Press (105/155#)
400 meter run