Super Bowl Sunday


Four 5-minute AMRAP quarters with a partner.  One round includes: 
28 points of med-ball (8/10) sit-up passes (1 point each throw when 5 feet or less apart, 2pts. for 10 feet apart, and 3pts. when 15 feet apart).
14 points of Passers (1 point each reception when pass caught 15 feet away, 2 pts. when 25 feet away, 3 pts. when 35 feet or more away)
6 points of blockers (1 point for pushing the lightest weighted sled 10 yards, 2 pts. for pushing the second heaviest sled, 3 pts. for the heaviest sled)
14 points of weighted (20/30) high fives (1 point for a weighted db step up should press using a 14" box, 2 pts. for using the 20" box, and 3 pts. for using the 24" box.

CSCC Mob Clinic.jpg