Do Work

It really is incredible when you think about the amount of work that gets done in our gym and gyms around the world on a daily basis.  Saturdays are usually a day when you can see a lot of that work being done all over the place.  Here is a shot of just that.  Shawna, Connnor and Adrian doing work!


Highly recommend checking out this film "The Test of Fitness."  They do a great job and it'll get you nice and psyched for the upcoming Crossfit Games Season!  Love the part from Alessandra Pichelli, "There's so many hidden secrets to the human body we haven't unlocked so I'm not going to put any limit on my body and nor should anyone else."  


1.)  7 minute Ladder:
3 Pass Through
3 Pull Up
6 Pass Through
6 Pull Up
9 Pass Through 
9 Pull Up
and so on... as high up the ladder as you can climb in 7 minutes.
- Rest - 
2.)   3 minute AMRAP: Row for meters
- Rest - 
For time:
3.)   The amount of work you completed in the 7 minute ladder in part 1, perform for time backwards using burpees instead of pass throughs and kettlebell swings instead of pull ups.  For example, if you got through 18 pass throughs and 9 pull ups in the 7 minute ladder, then you would start this workout with 9 KBS, then to 18 burpees > 15 KBS 15 Burpee > 12 KBS 12 Burpee etc. for time
- Rest - 
4.)  Take the meters you rowed from part 2 and run that distance for time.  You can round up if need be.
*score reps on 7 minute ladder, meters rowed in part 2, time to complete reps in part 3 and time for run.