Rainy Sunday


Two, eight-minute, running clock rounds of Tabata Intervals (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest) with a two minute rest between rounds.  Athletes can choose one of the four following movements to try to complete a set number of reps during each work interval: Push ups, pass throughs, ball slams, or double-unders.  The starting target is 8 reps for each of the movements, except for double-unders, whose starting goal is 18 reps. Two reps are added to the target for that movement if they were successful with the previous interval.  If they fail to reach the target, that movement is no longer available. They can switch to whichever movement they want after each interval but always continue at 2 reps more than the previous successful attempt for that movement.  Athletes can reset the target to the starting values of all four movements at any time by completing 5 hang clean thrusters (65/95).   Scoring is one point for every successful interval that the target goal is achieved plus one point for every set of 5 hang clean thrusters reset.