Handstand Fun

Great cover shot of Dwayne and Alan in a little partner wheelbarrow walk.  The video is a nifty little one of Dominic working his freestanding kipping handstand push up, with a little wall support.  Notice Dominic's decent, how he reaches his head forward and how vertical (or perpendicular to the ground) his forearms are.  We get away with not achieving this bottom position when doing handstand push ups against the wall.  The goal though is to reach this bottom position in any handstand push up, as it is the safest and most effective position to generate power from.

Irving Hernandez achieved the mens world record score for 14.2 with 396 reps, the only male to make it through the 20's (Rich Froning fell one pull up short).  The end of the workout is incredible.  You don't have to watch the entire video if you just want to see the drama at the end, fast forward to the 14:40 mark.


20 minutes of handstand practice:
Wheelbarrow walks
Handstand hold
Kipping (watch video for demo on bottom position and kip)

6 Rounds:
3 Push Press (105/155#)
6 Front Squat
12 Deadlift
*Every time you drop the bar, you have to run 200 meters