West Marine Gone Bad

Every once in a while at West Marine we have to get a little creative and switch things up.  Today we decided to do a little "West Marine Gone Bad," so everyone could get some love on the prowler.  Same set up as "Fight Gone Bad," but with Prowler push (Jessika - they have a ramp they push it up and down), Kettlebell Swing (Maria), Double Under (Susan), Row (Denise), Rope Climb (Karen).  Here are a few photos of the lunchtime crew going through their very own version of "Fight Gone Bad."


3 Rounds:
3 Prowler Push Trips without stopping (1 trip = about 20 meters down, 20 meters back)
3 Rope Climbs

3 Rounds:
1 minute at each movement - running clock:
Row for calories
Double Under
Kettlebell Swing
1 minute rest