Frank Reyes

We'd like to take a moment here to remember a wonderful person, who tragically lost his life last week.  We got the chance to know Frank for a good while at the gym and at events.  It was incredible to see his progress through the on-ramps and into the classes.  His hard work was just one bit of his lovely character that we were fortunate enough to get to know.  Our hearts go out to his family and partner Adam Samuels, who is a dear member of Central.  


Two rounds with a partner:
Round One - each partner completes 25 reps of back squat (135/185), one person working at a time. Once both teammates finish 25 reps they run one mile as a relay, choosing however they want to break up the distance. Teams then AMRAP burpees until the last team finishes their run.
Round Two - the same as round one except teams do 25 reps each of bench press (105/185) and then row a mile as a relay instead of running.  The team's score is the total burpees completed for both rounds.