World Record

If you have not heard about or seen this current world record 14.1 performance, here is Samantha Briggs, 472 reps.  If you're into split times, pacing, transitions and the like..
Her round times (from start of double unders to 15th snatch) in order from 1-10.. :47, :49, :50, :50, :51, :51, :51, :52, :52, :57.  Transition times (time from 15th snatch to first double under.. :06, :06, :06, :06, :07, :07, :08, :08, :08, :06.


18 minute running clock.
With a partner, complete as many box jump-rope climbs (the higher the box they choose the less rope they have to climb) as possible, with only one partner working on the rope at a time.  The other partner is doing wall balls.  Partners can switch back and forth and continue accruing rope climbs as long as there is always someone wall-balling.  Once they need to rest or if they stop on the wall balls they must rest a minimum of 30 seconds before moving on to the next station.  Stations 2 and 3 are performed the same way as station 1 but with different movements. Station two is an AMRAP of 100 m runs, while the partner is constantly kettle bell swinging.  Station 3 is an AMRAP of 100 m rows, while the other partner is doing double unders.  Teams continue rotating through the three stations until the 18 minutes has expired.  The score is the sum of rounds completed of box jump/rope climbs, 100 meter runs, and 100 meter rows.