Mike has got some power in that upper body of his, check out some of his plyo push-ups from today.

We also want to take a moment to welcome Zac back to the gym!  Zac was a big part of starting this gym, helping to make it what it is today.  He has many years of quality experience, training all the way back at HQ and to now where he travels around the world with the Level 1 staff doing certs.  We are excited for those of you that have missed him over the past couple years and we are just as excited to introduce him to our newer clientle who have never trained with him.  He will be coaching the Wednesday morning classes, 6, 7 and 8am.  Welcome back Mr. Pine!
(here's a little throwback from the Santa Cruz archives)



4 x 3 Seated Box Jump
4 x 6 Plyo Push-Up

5 x 500 meter row
*score second slowest time