Open Sunday

Couple shots of Annie, Zach, Johnny, and Carmen today for 14.2
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Partner Workout - four rounds, each round starting with a 3-minute buy in consisting of a 500 meter row and 20 burpee broad jumps, split between both partners.  At the 3 minute mark, both partners complete two minute AMRAPS of the following, with a one minute rest after each round: Rd. 1. - Wall Balls (target 1 foot lower than usual. Rd. 2. - deadlifts (using bumper plates (25/35), edge on, gripped with their fingers). Rd. 3. - med ball sit ups. Rd. 4. - medicine ball cleans (30/40) finished over the shoulder.  Then a bonus round, completing the difference of reps subtracted from 100 for each round for time.