Team Sunday

You're in luck!  There are still slots open at "take them a meal" for the Mootz family.  Click the link below to sign up, thank you.


Teams of three perform 6 rounds each of the following two triplets for time, alternating every round: 30 reps (as a team, split however they choose among themselves) of wall balls, lunges, and ring rows, and 30 reps of box jumps (20/24), sit ups, and burpees.  After finishing 30 reps of each movement of one of the triplets, that team will assess a 100 meter row to another team of their choice, then proceed to work on the other triplet.  The team that has been assessed the row then must stop work while one of their teammates rows the 100 meters, then they continue the triplet they were working on from where they left off.  The instructor marks the teams progress on a timeline so that other teams know how well each other are doing and can assess their penalty rows accordingly.