Team Tabata

It always sounds like such a benign interval, but once you're in it, the "Tabata" interval never fails to prove it's potency. 


After warming up, every athlete is tested to establish individual benchmarks for how many reps they can do of the following five movements in 20 second work intervals: Kettle bell swings, bench press (65/85), jumping pull ups, med-ball sit ups, and calorie rows.  Then they pair into groups of two and attempt 10 rounds (five rounds each) of tabata (20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest) for each movement with one minute of rest between stations.  Partners alternate rounds of Tabata so they actually have 40 seconds of rest after each work period rather than ten.  If one of the partners fails to achieve their benchmark goal they are done with that movement and the second teammate continues working every interval until they can no longer complete their rep goal in 20 seconds.  The teams get one point for every work interval they complete their benchmark goals.