Zach, 205 in a metcon, working.


Make two teams.  30 minute time limit. Each member of both teams completes three rounds of the following four movements, with the number of reps dependent on the weight or difficulty chosen: wall balls - 20 reps (6/12#), 30 reps (10/14#), 40 reps (14/20#), single arm dumbbell hang power snatch - 20 reps (15/25#), 30 reps (25/35#), 40 reps (35/50#), sit ups - 20 reps (GHD), 30 reps (Wtd. Abmat), 40 reps (Abmat), and double-unders - 20 reps (heavy rope), 40 reps (macaroni rope), 80 reps (normal rope).  After an athlete finishes their 3 rounds they run a distance of their choosing.  They can then row half that distance to apply towards their teams total. They can continue running and rowing until the 30 minutes expires. The teams score is the total distance rowed.