Why does Shane have all these barbells out?? Click for action shot.

Sam Dancer, Annie's San Francisco Fire teammate is kind of a freak, in a really good way.  Here he is with a 295lb kneel jump.  This is something you may not even have thought possible until you saw it.
Click the link below and check out the Vegas combine June 16th-18th.


20 minute AMRAP:
Up to, but no more than 10 reps of unbroken thrusters (starting weight 33/45#, each subsequent round add 10/20# to the bar)
1 rope climb
1 lap around a 300 meter loop (half the class run in opposite directions. Each time they pass someone running the opposite direction they do lunges (equal to the number of thrusters they performed that round subtracted from 11))
1 rope climb.
The score is the number of rope climbs and thrusters completed.