Go, Or Don't

There may be a better way to illustrate this idea, but we talked this morning about doing a one-rep Front Squat with the mindset of "Go, or don't."  To draw an analogy from surfing, the approach you want to take when paddling for a wave is full commitment, without any hesitation or doubt.  Once you decide you're going to go for a wave, once you approach the bar to unrack it, there's nothing left to think about, full steam ahead!  This concept was demonstrated beautifully throughout the morning.  Two examples were Shane and Skip, pictured below, fully committed.  Skip even had his bar completely stall out, no movement upward at all, and was able to push through for a PR.  Shanes lift was a PR for him as well.


1RM Front Squat

5 Rounds:
5 times through: 1 DB Deadlift 1 DB Hang Power Clean 1 DB Front Squat 1 DB Push Press 1 DB Thruster (25/35lb)
2 Rope Climb