Little gallery from this morning. The first shot is of Tim in the "start/finish" position we practiced today. The second one is of him in the bottom "tripod" position that we also worked on. Next two shots are of the front and back of the 8am class. And of course some Johnny Kane love to finish the gallery off. 

JOHNNY KANE UPDATE: John had another great day today. He finished 6th in both of his events; the first was a variation on the very first Games workout ever including a 1k row and 5 rounds of 15 pull ups and 7 jerks. The second event was a medicine ball clean and burpees in the heat of the day. John is holding strong in 9th place going into his third and final day. Stay strong Johnny!! We're all rooting for you.


3 Rounds:
2 DB Weighted Lunges/ 1 DB Hang Clean (40/30#) (3x)
12 Front Rack Step Ups
2 DB Weighted Lunges/ 1 DB Hang Clean (40/30#) (3x)
3 Rope Climbs
200m Run