One of, if not the coolest thing about these Crossfit competitions is how nice everyone is.  There is just this sense of kindness that extends from the athletes, to the judges, and even through the crowd to the fans.  Here are a couple memorable shots Johnny got to experience.  The first shot is John and Rebecca Voigt, who we ran into on Thursday at Trader Joes, really cool person we're rooting for!  The second photo is John and two girls that wanted to "take a picture with the celebrity" in the parking lot!


200 Meter Run
50 Double Under
15 Power Clean 135/95lb
15 Burpee
200 Meter Run
40 Double Under
12 Power Clean
12 Burpee
200 Meter Run
30 Double Under
9 Power Clean
9 Burpee
200 Meter Run