Pick Your Poison

Most of the time most of us enjoy coming in to the gym and being told exactly what to do; not having to decide on much (at least I do). But it can be fun to program your own workout with some slight parameters. Looks like that's what everyone got to do this morning. I'd love to know the combinations people put together and how they worked out; which ones they made the 100 reps and which ones they didn't. Post your personalized workouts to comments!


Four consecutive 5-minute rounds: For three of the four rounds athletes choose three different movements from a list of nine and attempt to complete 100 reps using those movements. If they finish 100 reps before the end of five minutes they rest during the remaining time for that round. Each movement can only be used for one of the rounds. One of the four rounds the athletes must either row 1200 meters or run 1000 meters. The nine movements are as follows: push ups, pull ups, pass-throughs, ring-rows, dips, squats, KBSs, wall balls, and GHD sit ups. Their scores are the number of reps they fail to complete of the hundred rep goals for each round plus each second over five minutes on the row or run also count as reps against their score.