Labor Day

Monday September 1st, Labor Day  
No 6am or Evening (4,5,6 and 7pm) Classes

SF Fire Tailgate Potluck!
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Each athlete starts with one dumbbell (10#/20#). Complete the following complex two times, first with the right arm, then the left: 5 push ups (one hand on the dumbbell), five weighted sit ups (dumbbell touching ground behind the head), Turkish get up (first half to standing), 5 1-arm hang power snatches, 5 1-arm overhead lunges. Each time the athlete completes the complex with both arms they earn a timed row for calories. If they increase their weight by five pounds over the previous round they earn 45 seconds of rowing, if they use the same weight as the previous round they earn 30 seconds of rowing, and if they reduce weight by five pounds they earn 20 seconds of rowing. Using the prescribed starting weight for the first round will earn 30 seconds of rowing, but they can choose to start 5 pounds heavier for 45 seconds.  The score is the total number of calories rowed in 20 minutes (rounds started before the 20 minute cut-off may be completed).