Pieces Of The Whole

There are many aspects to a good squat, many cues you could give to try and get someone in to a effective and healthy position.  Butt back, knees out, chest up, find your heels, a little lower etc. are all cues that are parts of a squat.  The goal is to get the person to put those parts together into a full body squat.  It takes a lot of work for some, some it doesn't come as hard, but it is a beautiful thing when all those pieces come together in unison to create a perfect squat.  Here Beth Hansman is showing us all those pieces coming together, even adding in an external object.


25 Calorie Row
30 DB Thrusters (30/40lb)
20 Overhead Walking Lunges (25/45lb)
50 Calorie Row
20 Overhead Walking Lunges
30 DB Thrusters
25 Calorie Row