Styles D

We've talked about before the difference between a regular kip for a pull up and a bar muscle up kip.  In general, most people (especially the competitive females, watch the grid matches!) go with this more laid-back get your hips up high before you extend them, kip.  That's not to say you can't do a bar muscle up with a more straight up and down kip, which actually most competitive guys seem to do.  It just seems that the laid back style is more efficient.  Here's Dwayne using the laid-back style.  Check out his positioning in the cover photos for the two videos.  You see in the first photo he's really laid back with his hips up toward the bar a good amount.  But also, very importantly, he has his hips still flexed/loaded ready to extend/fire open.  The second photo shows that extension.

SF Fire Tailgate Potluck!
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3 x 3 Front Squat

5 Rounds:
1 minute:  Cluster (95/135lb)
1 minute: Bar Muscle Up
1 minute: Rest