Partner Hustle

Do you find you work harder when you have a partner or are part of a team?

AMRAP 3 Rounds with a partner, completing one work interval at each of the following five stations per round:
Passthroughs, wall balls (16/25), KBS (35/53), ball slams (20/30), and push ups. Teams will work at each station for 2 minutes during round 1, 90 seconds for round two, and 60 seconds during round 3, with 30 seconds rest between each station and 1 minute rest of rest between rounds. Both partners start on one side of the gym. At the start of the work period one partner runs 30 yards across the gym to their equipment while the other rows for calories.  They cannot switch positions until the partner across the gym finishes 10 reps (5 reps in round 3) then runs back across the starting line to where the rower is.  Reps only count if the athlete crosses the starting line before the buzzer signifying the end of the work period sounds.  The teams score is the total reps completed plus their calories rowed.