Rowena gather and composes herself before back squatting, while Doug and Shana prep for their front squat.


12 2-minute rounds with a partner:
Each round begins with a 250 meter row and 5 burpee buy-in performed by one partner.  The other partner then completes as many reps of bench press and shoulder press (25/40 DBs) as possible for the remainder of the round.  They score the lowest number of reps of the two movements (ideally completing the same number of reps of both). Partners switch roles and begin the next round immediately at the end of the previous round. Rounds 3 and 4 are done the same way except they do front and back squats (65/95) for their reps.  Teams alternate each doing a round of the bench press/shoulder press and front/back squat until all 12 rounds are completed. Score is total reps completed as a team.