Another great Saturday morning in what feels like June not January.  Here is the 9am class!


Part 1 - For time:
21 DB Deadlift (35/50lb)
21 Burpee
15 DB Deadlift
15 DB Hang Power Clean
15 Burpee
9 DB Deadlift
9 DB Hang Power Clean
9 DB Push Press
9 Burpee
*10 minute Cap
Start next part 5 minutes after the Cap for Part 1
2nd Part:
3min AMRAP: DB Burpee Power Clean and Push Press (35/50lb)
1 minute rest
3min AMRAP: Calorie Row
8 minute rest
3rd Part - For Time:
9 Burpees
5pt suicide
800 meter run
5pt Burpee Suicide
*10min Cap