Straight Up

Chase shows some good positioning here, extending straight up and getting the bar in nice and close.


20 minute AMRAP with a partner:

Both partners complete as many reps as possible, unbroken, of hang cleans (53/95), straight into unbroken shoulder press. The number of reps of shoulder press cannot exceed however many reps they did of hang clean. Then they each run 40 meters with their partners providing resistance with an elastic band. Next they complete 30 med-ball sit-ups as a team. They return to the barbell to start again with the hang cleans, except the second time through they add weight (73/115) and do push press instead of shoulder press. The third time through the weight is (83/135) and they jerk instead of push press. If there is still time, teams start over at the original weight and shoulder press. Score is the team's combined reps of shoulder to overhead completed.