Kinda Cool??

The "clean lift off" may seem simple at first but it can be very challenging to perform correctly.  Essentially all it is a leg press or knee extension (raising chest as knees extend) from the set up position of the clean.  You complete this leg press until the bar is right above your knee, then you come back down.  Other than making sure your chest rises as you extend your knees, it is really important to "sweep" the bar in to your body with your lats.  At the above the knee position, your shins should be vertical with your shoulders in front of the bar.  If you don't sweep the bar in with your lats, it will be left in front.  The clean lift off exercise is great for training the first pull because it sets everything up for the clean.  If we're not hitting the correct positions in the first pull, chances are we will not hit the correct positions in the rest of the lift.
In this video Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics demonstrates the clean lift off.  He goes at a little faster pace than what we were working on, but that's fine because he's hitting his positions well.  
Not sure what happened in this photo with Rosemary, but it's kind of cool??

This just in, Trader Joes is carrying japanese sweet potatoes!  Not organic but it's a hell of a step!


5 Rounds:
1 Clean Lift Off
1 (squat) Clean
1 Split Jerk
*each set every 2 minutes

10 rounds:
1 legless rope climb
2 shuttle run trips (15 meter length one way, down and back is one trip)
*10 minute cap