2015 Affiliate Cup Workouts Released!

The highly anticipated moment has arrived, here are the workouts for the 2015 Affiliate Cup!
***Info meeting Wednesday 10/21 @ 7pm, for team captains and volunteer judges.
Please contact Annie (annie.sakamoto@gmail.com) or Gary (glhirthler@gmail.com) if you have any questions!

Workout 1:
15 minutes to get max hang squat clean + 4 front squats
1 female & 1 male working at a time (2 barbells)
Score equals combined weight of each teammates max lift
* Hang clean has to pass through a front squat.  You can pause, as Annie shows in the first hang clean, before you squat, or you can not pause as she shows in the second hang clean.  It does not count if you stand the hang clean up before you squat (that would be a hang POWER clean + front squat).  **The video is just demoing two variations of the hang clean and a few front squats, not the actual workout of 1 hang clean + 4 front squats.

- 5 minute transition to workout 2 -

Workout 2 – 15 minute CAP:
100 deadlift
100 hand release push ups
100 box jump over
100 dumbbell thruster
20 rope climb

* Deadlift: Rx: (315/205lb), 40+ (185/275lb) (scaled and 50+ 155/225lb).  Click link and see workout 2 for deadlift standard http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open/2011
* Hand release push up: Rx and 40+: thighs can’t touch the ground.  Scaled and 50+ regular hand release.  SEE ANNIE DEMO VIDEO.
* Box jump over: All divisions are 24/20in.  Scaled and 50+ can step over.  Click the link and see workout 6 for box jump over standard http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/regionals/2014
* Dumbbell thruster: Rx: (45/35lb), 40+ (40/30lb), scaled and 50+ (35/25lb).  See Annie demo video for standard.
* Rope Climb:  Have to show control below tape line, both hands on rope, before coming down.
For deadlift, hand release push up, box jump over and db thruster, 1 male and 1 female working at a time.  50 reps for the men, 50 reps for the women.   Split reps within male and female bar however.  Cannot move on until 100 reps are completed.  20 total rope climbs, splitting them up however.

- 5 minute transition to workout 3 –

Workout 3 – 15 minute CAP:
5pt burpee suicide relay (one person working at a time)
800 meter run (teams runs together)
Burpee (rx: 9, 40+: 7, scaled and 50+ 5) into 5pt suicide (one person at a time)
One athlete performs 5pt burpee suicide, performing number of burpees for the given line.  First line = 1 burpee, second line = 2 burpees, 3rd line = 3 burpees etc.  Once everyone completes the suicides in a relay fashion (one person workign at a time), the whole team runs 800 meters.  When EVERYONE returns, one athlete performs # of burpees right into the 5pt suicide WITHOUT burpees.  This last part is also done in a relay fashion.
Click the link and see workout 5 for burpee standard http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open/2014.

- Transition to Final Workout TBA -