One of the better feelings in weightlifting is when you make a lift but it just didn't feel super awesome, to adding weight and having it feel great.  A lot of times this is a reflection of bar path, which is everything is weightlifting.  When you hit the right bar path (usually from being in the right positions), it can feel surprisingly easy.  Joe was doing some jerks the other day and hit 205, but it looked hard.  Connor thought his head was too far back when he landed which left the bar in front, so he gave him the head-through cue and voila.  Joe smoked the 215 PR lift (videoed here), 10 pounds heavier.  Because of better positioning and bar path (notice the bar path off his shoulders how it goes up and back) he was able to make a heavier lift look lighter.  Way to go team!


20 minutes to work up to a heavy:
1 Power Clean
1 (squat) Clean
1 Jerk

For Time:
500 meter row
15 (squat) clean and jerk
30 chest to bar pull ups