The Most Underrated Aspect Of Effective Progression

It may be the most underrated part of training, and that is keeping track of your numbers.  Leslie is shown here writing her target weight of 165 on the board.  This number is based on a previous number weight she lifted.  Let's say for example she did a 3 x 3 deadlift at 155 two weeks ago.  This day (pictured here) was a 3 x 2 deadlift.  She simply said, ok, one less rep per set, that's probably worth 5-10 pounds, let's target 10 pounds more at 165lb.  This now allows her to write up educated jumps based on what she has actually performed.  A really important detail here that comes up a lot in class, is WHEN this previous lift was performed.  That is the most important thing to consider, when the lift was completed.  For example, lets say she had a 3 x 2 from 2014, same sets and reps, that seems like a good number to go off of, and it very well may be depending on the consistency of training since then.  But we'd much rather take the two weeks ago workout of 3 x 3 and build off that, for exactly that reason, it was two weeks ago, most recent.  This process of keeping track of your numbers is crucial for effective progression in training.


3 x 3 Weighted Pull Up
3 x 3 Weighted Dip

2 rounds:
200 meter run
30 pull ups
200 meter run
40 KBS (35/53lb)
200 meter run
50 push ups