Happy Halloween!

Lots of good Halloween action today in the gym.  Superman and Superwomen flying on the toe to bar.  In the video Kaylie shows us how when you pull on an elastic band it naturally wants to snap back.  Notice when she's in the bottom of her swing (head forward feet back), she's tight all the way through her body to her toes.  That's what the term "integration" is used to describe.  She's completely integrated as one unit so when she comes down to the bottom of her swing, her muscles want to snap back through the toe to bar, like an elastic band. 


5 Rounds - running clock:
6 minute AMRAP:
400 meter run buy-in
remaining time: 
1 burpee
1 toe to bar
1 box jump (20/24in)
2 burpee
2 toe to bar
2 box jump (20/24in)
3 burpee
3 toe to bar
3 box jump (20/24in)...