World Championships

The IWF World Weightlifting Championships has been great thus far.  Go to for more information.  They're streaming a lot of the competition at as well.  Just stroll the tab down to weightlifting.


With a partner, overhead lunge (25/40# DBs) 200 meters, one person lunging at a time. The partner lunging starts by completing one-arm hang power snatches. For every HPS completed that athlete earns one step of OH lunge.  The other partner must complete 40 air squats before they can switch roles, then the athlete who had been lunging completes 40 air squats. Each switch the squatter does 5 fewer squats before they switch. At the 200 m mark the teams farmer carry the DBs back to the gym, alternating who has the DBs whenever they like.

Then the teams complete 60 reps of bench press (2/3 BW/BW). Each partner gets an unbroken attempt at bench press. They subtract the number of reps they completed as a team from 60 then each do that amount of reps of sit ups before each doing another set of bench. This continues until they have completed 60 reps of bench as a team. Time.