Daily Thanksgiving

Although Thanksgiving is over, there never isn't a worthy day to be grateful.  Today is Helene's birthday and I want to dedicate this post to her to let her know how grateful we all are of her.  Happy birthday Helene, thank you :)


The clock is set to chime every 30 seconds for 25 minutes (50 30-second intervals).  There are 6 movements that the athletes attempt to complete 10 reps (except double unders which they do 25 reps) of during each 30 second interval: wall balls, double unders, weighted (20/25# dbs) box (20")step ups,  push ups, GHD sit ups, and ring rows. They start and stay at one movement until they can no longer get 10 reps during the interval. Before moving to the next movement they must complete 1 hang power clean (83/135) the first transition plus one additional HPC each additional change in movement. They can take as long as they want on the HPCs but that will limit their score. Their score is the number of intervals they successfully complete 10 reps in the allotted time (max score 50).