Pregnant Mods

Becca has been modifying beautifully for some time now during her pregnancy.  But it may not always be so obvious when it is an appropriate and necessary time to scale or modify.  One of the most important times to consider modifying your workout is coming back from any time off where you weren't exerting yourself physically anywhere near what you do in training, usually in the form of a vacation or holiday.  This is not the same kind of time off as getting sick, suffering an injury or any other physiological set back where it is more apparent the need to ease back into training.  Healthy time off I guess you can call it, brings you back into the gym feeling good.  The thing with it is though, if you haven't incurred a training stimulus for a while, even though your body may feel as it did before your time off, that same stimulus is going to pack a much bigger punch then it did before.  You may likely even feel in your workout that you're able to do just as much as before, the problem is your body has detrained a bit and you're going to hit your stimulus threshold (spot where you need to hit in order to stimulate an adaptation) a lot sooner.  What this means is that if you do the same amount of work now as you did before vacation, you are doing more work now past this training (stimulus) threshold line, which is not where we want to be for extended periods of time.  This can be pretty benign, feeling it mostly in the intensity of soreness and stiffness the following days, but if you're unlucky and you find yourself with a 5 x max effort pull up workout after driving across the country for a couple weeks, the likelihood of getting rhabdo increases significantly.  Moral of the story, no matter why you may have taken some time off, your body will need some time to get back into the form it was before, even if you "feel" the same.


3 x 1 Deadlift

5 Rounds - every 3 minutes:
200 meter run buy-in
Hang Power Clean (95/135lb)
Box Jump (24/30in)
*score is lowest combined number of HPC and box jump in whatever round.